What fresh hell is this?

It’s Throwing Anvils, a blog about all sorts of stuff.  Primarily, however, it’s about Arkansas and national politics and social/economic policy.

Aren’t there already enough blogs about Arkansas politics?

Maybe so, but other than The Arkansas Blog, there hasn’t been one aimed at the liberal/progressive crowd since Blue Hog Report shut down last year.  We want to try to fill the void left by BHR’s untimely demise.

Are you using The Royal “We,” or is more than one person writing this blog?

Well, the majority of the writing is by Wayland Smith, with some additional writings by Hephaestus.  So, no, it’s not The Royal “We.”  Plus, we have some guest writers lined up down the road.

Are those your real names?


Why the blogonyms?

Because odds are good that something we write here is going to piss someone off.  And, as everyone saw with BHR, there are people in this state who are not above trying to get someone fired for writing unflattering (and true) things about them.

Are you hiring?

If, by “hiring,” you mean “looking for other people who are willing to write for free,” sure.  Just write a sample post of at least 150 words and email it to either of us.  We’ll be in touch.

Will you father my children?

At the present time, we are not fathering any more children for any more adoring fans.  It got kind of weird last time.  Uncomfortably so.

What if I have another question?

Email us.

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