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Obama’s Approval Rating & The Big Picture

September 7, 2012

Pres. Obama illustrates which way his approval is headed.

Today’s Gallup poll on President Obama’s approval rating was interesting for a couple of reasons.  First, and most obviously, the current results (using a three-day rolling average) show the President with a 52% approval versus a 43% disapproval.  You have to go back to  June of 2011 to find a better margin.

Second, however, the results seem to validate a criticism of the GOP Convetion — that it fell flat in terms of reaching out and persuading people outside the Republican base.  Yes, there was some pandering to women, but the bulk of what went on was either self-serving (Chris Christie) or hyperbolic nonsense (Clint Eastwood), the overwhelming majority of which was aimed at the kind of people who were already going to vote for Mitt Romney.

Consider the following daily ratings (again, using a three-day rolling average).  The dates listed are the last day included in the polling sample:

8/28: 43-47
8/29: 44-47
8/30: 45-46
8/31: 45-46
9/01: 43-48
9/02: 45-48
9/03: 45-48
9/04: 47-47
9/05: 49-45
9/06: 52-43

Of course, 8/28 was the scheduled start date for the GOP Convention, and it ended on 8/30.  The Democratic Convention ran 9/04 through 9/06.  So, even accounting for some statistical noise (MOE +/- 3%), the impact of the Democratic Convention on how people perceive President Obama was much higher than the GOP’s impact.  I’m curious to see if today’s job report has a downward effect on the poll over the next few days, but, as it stands, this poll cannot be seen as anthing but bad news for a Romney campaign that was already facing a highly likely defeat.



On Gay Marriage, or: Man, Those Are Some Terrible Arguments

May 10, 2012

Between the people of North Carolina voting (without really understanding) to outlaw something that was already illegal, 30 of the 33 Republican representatives in Colorado hijacking the legislative process to prevent something that 71% of Coloradans approve of, and the President of the United States coming out in support of gay marriage, today seems like as good of a day as any to flesh out a post that’s been kicking around in my head for some time.  Specifically, I’m talking about the absurdity of the arguments against marriage equality.

Let me back up.  Despite the fact that I wholeheartedly support marriage equality for same-sex couples, it’s not a topic that seems to come up much when talking or writing about Arkansas politics.  I’m not sure whether to chalk that up to my being a straight, married guy or to the fact that Arkansas (like Georgia) is so very backward in many ways, but it’s true nonetheless.  Whenever it does come up, however, I am always flabbergasted by the arguments — often made by otherwise intelligent people — against marriage equality.  I mean, the arguments in favor of such equality are pretty straightforward.  They tend to be things like equal protection or even “why should I care if two consenting adults want to marry one another?”

The arguments against it, however?  Well, let’s take some of the most popular ones in turn and discuss the inherent flaw(s) in each.

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