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Keep Your Government Hands Off My Pizza Box! (And Other Stupid Things Mark Darr Thinks.)

September 7, 2012

“Are you as tired as I am of seeing recycling logos on your milk in the cafeteria?”


I suppose I’m a little late to this party, but whatever.  That’s never stopped me from addressing stupidity with a healthy dose of sarcastic disdain.

As the Arkansas Blog noted, Lt. Gov. Mark Darr is sick of the “constant” pro-environment message in America.  As you might expect, Darr’s full statement on the issue was your standard Fox News / Tea Party agitprop, devoid of anything resembling cogent thought.  But let’s not let the fact that it was jaw-droppingly dumb keep us from tackling this baby FJM-style.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten tired of the constant barrage of messages everywhere telling me to “go green”.

Really? “Constant barrage”? I can’t recall the last commercial urging me to “go green” that I saw on television. I can recall seeing ads from coal companies, telling me to write my Congressman and complain about “Obama’s EPA” for making it harder on the coal companies to burn their “clean burning” product. I’m positive that I watch more liberal programming than Darr does, so I’d reckon that his exposure to “go green” tv ads is lower than mine by a long shot.

As for non-TV sources of that “barrage,” there are a number of billboards around that promote going green, I suppose. But there are also a number of billboards for Sissy’s Log Cabin, yet they’ve never prompted Darr to complain. Who even reads billboards?

Sure, I’ve bought some of those corkscrew light bulbs and I haven’t killed any whales, but give me a break.

You haven’t killed a whale? Awesome. Great. You’re a regular John Muir. We should all give you a break because, obviously, you’ve more than done your part by forgoing your strong urge to harpoon whales. In Arkansas.

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